7 key metrics of actual employee behaviour

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Astrid Falkenberg


Key Behaviour

Execution (+4.5)
Persistance (+3.7)
Skill Learning (-1.8)
Impulse control (-2.0)

Role Fit

Sales Manager

Compared To

HQ Sales Team

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Massachusetts Institute-of Technology
University of Cambridge
Imperial College London
University of Oxford
Stanford University

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Galton will instantly help you make the right decision - every time - by removing behavioural uncertainty and personal bias from the equation

The Galton Algorithm

Galton builds on a decade of leading from the front in applied neuroscience helping the world's biggest brands. Using data from more than 15.000 neuroscans and collaborations with the most prestigious institutions, we've finally uncovered the Holy Grail of accurately measuring and predicting human behavioural traits.

Galton combines cutting-edge and proprietary applied neuroscience with the ease of a personality test and will have you and your organization performing better in no time.

» The Algorithm

7 key metrics and 25 submetrics

We pride ourselves on Galton's deep behavioural insights being easily accessible and understandable for both the first-time viewer as well as the professional user. The 7 key metrics allow for a quick overview and top-level decisions, while the 25 submetrics let you deep-dive into and optimize based on specific behavioural traits.

Galton provides you with a clear and easy overview of brain-based factors that actually matter to your organization. You won't even need certifications - it's that simple.

» Neuro Behavioural Scores

Curated insights

Galton has broken new ground within behavioural insights and continues to do so. Within applied neuroscience new insights are uncovered on a day-to-day basis as well. We curate these findings, sharing general insights publicly on our Insights blog while providing you as a client with in-depth insights targeted specifically to your needs.

Galton not only provides you with unprecedented behavioural insights. We also make you smarter at the same time.

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Bill Gates, Co-chairman of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

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For the first time ever actual employee behaviour can be mapped objectively, easily, and reliably

Better recruitment

"I'm a remarkably slow learner" is a sentence, you'll probably never hear when hiring. Galton removes the uncertainty and subjectivity surrounding behavioural traits in recruiting and provides you with previously unattainable key insights, actively making you better at recruiting.

Take a peek into people's brain with Galton to ensure the perfect behavioural match for the role - regardless of self-perception and bias.

» Recruitment

The perfect team

Diversity is key in improving innovation, communications, and risk assessment within a team. Up until now the hidden diversity that exists in our brains have largely been ignored, as we simply couldn't accurately map it in a cost-effective and scientifically valid way. But times have changed.

Galton lets you optimize "brain diversity" to ensure a more coherent, collaborative, and quite simply better-performing team.

» Setting the right team

Organizational risks and rewards

Perception of risk profiles, learning potential, and other behavioural traits are incredibly prone to personal and organizational bias. Nevertheless, these traits are key to boosting cross-organizational collaboration, promoting the right people, mitigating potential fraud, and running an effective organization in general through organizational development.

Galton objectively uncovers hidden potential as well as risks within the organization.

» Organizational Development

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